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February 28th, 2007

12:01 pm: Tuesday Times
I've switched to the Tuesday Times as well (from my heretofore steady diet of Sunday Times) -- which is a nice change.


February 2nd, 2007

06:12 pm: From Sunday Times to Times
Thanks to Neil Talbot and Peter Biddlecombe, I'm also shifting from doing the Sunday Times to the daily -- looks like Tuesday will be my slot. This will be a different kettle of fish since I've kind of twigged the Sunday puzzles. Wish me luck.


January 27th, 2007

06:01 pm: promotion
Newsflash: I'm now on the rota for Azed as well. (note to self: must memorize Chambers). I'm also no longer the Sole Rufus Solver...


November 15th, 2006

12:59 am: Guardian blog as well
I'm also contributing to the Independent/Guardian blog as well (run by Neil Wellard)... I've volunteered to solve and comment on the Observer's Everyman on Sunday and The Guardian's Monday puzzle (usually Rufus and usually on the gentler side as befits my skillset!)


November 5th, 2006

03:22 pm: blog lying fallow: shifted to community
As you can probalby tell, this blog has been lying fallow for a couple of months. I've started to participate regularly in the Times community cryptic puzzle solutions (organized by Peter Biddlecombe). I'm doing the analysis for the Sunday Times puzzle -- which I can solve in its entirety within 1/2h typically. Given that I now own a copy of Chambers -- that job is that much easier.


October 27th, 2006

05:34 am: test community posting
I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

July 28th, 2006

06:28 pm: cryptically preoccupied
Events on the northern border of Israel have had me preoccupied a bit lately. When in Israel my office is in Haifa. I don't think they can really aim those rockets extremely well -- Haifa is a fairly large target so it's rather random. You'd think I'd get more cryptics done sitting in the shelter -- but, no, it's somewhat a social scene. Everyone getting together and exchanging war stories -- as it were.

I do recognize that the other side's getting the worse of it. And I don't envy them.

Anyway, today's Friday Telegraph #25056 has a couple of things to keep my mind unpreoccupied:
20A: "Come into American HQ avoiding the front entrance" (5) must be ENTER given the crossing letters, but I can't see the wordplay?

On the other hand, 21D: "Tease the 'unmanned' female of the family" (5) is quite clever. Tease == TAUNT, remove HE from "the", (i.e. "unman" it) and follow it with a female member of the family (AUNT)... who often herself is "unmanned" and single.


July 7th, 2006

10:08 am: cryptic caravan
Every once in a while a cryptic definition crops up that is both misleading and satisfying once solved. Just went through an old (syndicated) Telegraph cryptic from probably the last couple of years and encountered: "Travelling home" (7) -- this looks like a good candidate for a double definition (especially considering that "home" can be a verb) but ends up being CARAVAN. The combination of misdirection and literal meaning makes for a good cryptic definition.

Unless I've got it all wrong.

And I might add thank goodness for the brief lull in World Cup activities -- but Wimbledon and the Tour de France come close on its heels so I can't really see significant contribution to the world of cryptics in the near future.


July 1st, 2006

01:57 pm: cryptic quarterfinal
Gary Lineker's well-known epigram about football again proved all too true yesterday... "Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win" -- there was an inevitability about it as soon as they equalized late in the game. Where was Messi?

Which doesn't bring me to the point of this item: today's Telegraph #25033: 13A: "Ordinary person who is not politically correct" (8) must be EVERYMAN. Is this a dig at the Observer's cryptic? Or is this another type of dig at the Archie Bunker mentality of the proletarian? (how's that for PC?)

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